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Please allow 3-8 business days (Weekdays Excluding Holidays) for delivery in Europe and about 5-20 business days for orders being delivered outside the European Union.
Please clearly note that all orders and deliveries being shipped outside the European Union are final. We do not accept any returns from outside the EU. The cost of international shipping, processing, and customs greatly outweighs any profit made by the sale.
Oxybox sarl ( owner) does take credit card fraud seriously. All IP addresses are recorded and violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of European Union and international law! Oxybox sarl offers a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee on all advertised products bearing "vetsuture" logo. If not fully satisfied then simply return the remainder of the product back to oxybox sarl. within 30 days from delivery to receive a refund for the product returned. Shipping costs are not refunded on returns. Returns are processed every three weeks and are either mailed out as a check or credited to one's credit card. A restock fee of €5 will be assessed to any return and shipping charges are not included in any return unless otherwise advised by oxybox sarl
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01.Vetsuture PGLA metric 3 (USP 2/0) 90cm +
Igła obła 3/8 30mm Reverse Cutting Point
02.Vetsuture PGLA metric 2 (USP 3/0) 90cm +
Igła obła 3/8 24mm Reverse Cutting Point
03.Vetsuture PGLA metric 3,5 (USP 0) 90cm +
Igła obła 3/8 30mm Reverse Cutting Point
LENE met 0.7 - USP 6/0 - 45cm - 17.7" - 2x Reverse Cutting 3/8 10.0mm (0.39") 250µm
LENE met 0.7 - USP 6/0 - 45cm - 17.7" - 2x Reverse Cutting 3/8 10.0mm (0.39") 250µm
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